Taylor Lewis has an incredible tale of bipolar despair, of recovery, of faith and of song.

Taylor Lewis is a very brave twenty-something young woman from Orange County, CA.  

I stand in confidence now knowing I no longer let my illness define my life. It took years for me to recover, but through this whole process I have learned how valuable and influential sharing my story can be.”
— Taylor Lewis

For much of her young life, the gentle and affable Lewis has struggled with depression and bipolar disorder. Her condition led to many battles with suicidal thoughts and extreme social anxiety.

I was terrified of being around people, of living my life out loud. As a result everyday I held back and surrendered to my disease.”

Her story of recovery did not happen overnight. She credits her recovery to seven years of "baby steps," many which included despair healed only by late night songwriting. After seven years, she finally found the physical help, through medical science, and the emotional wisdom, through her faith in God, to heal.  

Taylor's faith has manifested in the deeds of songwriting and missionary work.

I traveled the world sharing my faith and my story in prisons, in churches, and in schools. I found the power of my voice. That’s what I hope to do. I hope to use my voice to, not only end the stigma of mental health, but also to give people hope for recovery.”

Taylor Lewis–we salute your courage, your musical talent, and your passionate faith. We also salute a spirit, that no doubt, was put on this planet to show that love is born of recovery and grows as we sacrifice for others in the pursuit of mental health justice.