It is Mental Health Awareness Week, so let us help Stop Stigma and Judgment.

It's Mental Health Awareness Week sponsored by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).  

Like many of you, I sometimes feel that the stigma and judgment prescribed by society to mental illness is so deep-seated that we will never overcome. Those feelings are understandable but they are wrong. We can and are overcoming stigma and judgment–we are doing so as community right here at mental health justice. Our greatest weapon against stigma and judgment is Telling Our Stories or promoting understanding through anecdote and honesty.  

To recognize Mental Health Awareness Week, we are asking all our members to take part in one of our Tell Our Stories campaigns.  There are several ways to do so:

  • Tell Your Story: You can send us a short video about your struggles with mental illness. 
  • Give Us Your Quote: You can send us a quote related to mental illness and we'll post. 
  • Send Your Poetry or Art Work: Please end us your mental health justice related poetry or art work.
  • Tell is WHY the Mental Health Justice community is making a difference in your life.

As a community, we have now surpassed 12,000 members in a bit over four months. That makes us the fastest growing Mental Health Advocacy organizations in the nation. We will continue to grow because we will continue to tell our stories. 

Mental Health Justice. No stigma, no justice. Everyone is welcome.