Sarah Silverman on why it is not so funny to be depressed.

It feels like I’m terribly homesick, but I’m home. There’s no way to satiate it.”
— Sarah Silverman on depression.

For over twenty-three years, I worked as an educational lobbyist. The world of lobbying in California is still a man's world.  Because of that experience, I seem to have developed a special female antenna to recognize a tough woman when I see one. That's probably why I have so much respect for the comedian and actress, Sarah Silverman. Sarah's wit is always irreverent, honest, brave and super funny.

Recently, Sarah discussed her lifelong struggle with depression in an interview on National Public Radio's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I am particularly struck with the fact that her treatment was misdiagnosed for so many years. At age 13 she was prescribed Xanax and at age 14 she was taking 16 pills everyday!  Wow!  And, for anyone who has ever been severely depressed, Sarah's insight on what that feels like is absolutely pin point.

Sarah Silverman's latest creative venture is not a comedy but a drama about a woman who is severely depressed titled, I Smile Back.  We look forward to the film and we thank you, Sarah Silverman, for her bravery and candid insights. 

Our Mental Health Justice community smiles back because the more we tell our stories the more we understand each other and others understand us. 

Mental health justice. No stigma, no judgment. Everyone is welcome.