Is solving addiction really about making better communities?

I am big fan of the journalist Johann Hari, of TED talks and of Leo Tolstoy.

This is my second post about Hari's very interesting supposition that the real solution for drug and alcohol addiction lies not in the extremes. In other words, it is too simplistic to say that the cause of addiction derives from a weakness of character and equally as simplistic to assume that addiction is simply an issue of brain chemistry that can be cured by taking drugs (just not the ones, in which, you're addicted.)

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.”

— Leo Tolstoy

Hari's argues that the real cure to addiction may be something all together different–placing the addicted in an environment of love, respect and acceptance. Sounds simple? Decide for yourself and ponder whether Hari's arguments apply to other areas of mental health. One thing is certain Hari's TED talk segment that we have posted below is well worth a few minutes to watch. 

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