Being famous doesn't mean you're not depressed. honors Jared Padalecki for sharing his story.

Many times we see celebrities as more than human. And worse, we often think in this supposed superhuman capacity that they don't have the same problems as everyday people. Then we are humbled and shocked by tragic suicide of Robin Williams–rich, famous, hilarious–desperately and tragically depressed. We are left wondering the very human question, "If events would have unfolded differently if ONLY?" But celebrities are subject to same stigma and judgment as everyone else. 

That's why when a celebrity speaks out about their struggles with depression, we should take acknowledge their bravery. Recently, actor Jared Padalecki of the TV series "Supernatural" revealed that he too suffers from depression and that his close friend recently committed suicide. honors Mr. Padalecki for his courage. Please take time to listen to his very powerful statement concerning his friend's suicide. 

Mental Health Justice. No stigma. No Judgment. Everyone is welcome.