"Support Our Troops," is more than a platitude.


As you may know, there are several FB Pages that mentalhealthjustice.net tracks in order to share information and provide whatever support we can for the different mental health issues for which those pages advocate. One of those pages is Military with PTSD. 

I read this story on the Military with PTSD Page and was moved to tears and righteous indignation.

When we as a society say, "Support our Troops" it means so much more than supporting U.S. military efforts. The more important meaning of "Support our Troops" is to support our veterans when they return from war.  So many have seen death and suffering in ways we cannot imagine. 

It is our moral duty to provide affordable housing, quality schooling and accessible health care for veterans, especially for those suffering from PTSD. If you read this story, I am sure you will agree, that there is no one at fault but a broken Veterans Administration (VA) Health Care system. 

It is the position of mentalhealthjustice.net that there should be a separate department, with earmarked funding,  within the VA that collaborates with other providers and focuses solely on providing quality hands-on service to PTSD patients, If that were the case this tragedy would have never happened. 

Some people may say that we can't afford that type of treatment for those who suffer from PTSD or for that matter any mental illness.. But it is the position of mentalhealthjustice.net that we cannot afford either fiscally or more important morally to ignore the epidemic of veterans suffering from PTSD.  

Mental health justice. No stigma. No judgment, Everyone is welcome.