Hall of Fame defensive end✓,moody teammate✓,bipolar✓, in recovery✓!

For every San Francisco Forty Niners fan, the day Hall of Fame defensive end, Charles Haley, was traded to the Dallas Cowboys was a dark one. If you were a Cowboy fan–that day was nothing but sunshine. After all, Charles Haley was one of the greatest pass rushers in NFL history. As proof, he was a large cog in the wheel of five Super Bowl championship teams–two with the 49ers and two with the Cowboys. 

Still, Haley was never the most popular personality in the locker room. He was most often described as either very jubilant, to the point of being obnoxious, or very somber to the point of being dour.  Sound familiar? 

What Charles Haley didn't know about himself was that he was suffering from bipolar disorder. A disease he was most likely afflicted with from a very young age. After his career and marriage were over, Charles got the therapy and medication he so desperately need.

He talks about his experiences with bipolar disorder starting at 3:18 in the following video from his courageous and humorous, Hall of Fame speech. 

Thank you Charles Haley for sharing.

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