Your Video Saved My Life.

I don’t know Evan C. Miller.
I just know–he’s very brave!”
— Dolores Sanchez, Founder/Mental Health Justice is a nationwide grassroots community. Because we are a young organization, we have limited resources. Nonetheless, we are thriving, and as of today, we are more than 8,000 members strong. Our members are from nearly every state in the United States and from all demographic groups–that growth has happened in less than three-months online.

We believe we are making a difference by taking on mental illness stigma and judgment head on. 

We are doing so by:

  • Posting relevant mental health information on our BLOG several times a week.  
  • Steering those who reach out for help to the proper mental health organizations.
  • Having our members "Tell Their Stories" in the form of a video narrative.
  • Having our members "Share Their Quotes" or insights about their mental health experience. We, in turn, share those quotes on our Facebook Page. 
  • Having mental health advocates and professionals write a guest BLOG. 

We aspire to grow and expand. That growth will include:

  • A member "Share Your Poetry" program. 
  • A member "Share Your Artwork" program.
  • Introducing our advisory team to our membership.
  • Adding some members to our advisory team. 

Those are just a few of the programs we will be adding to our site for the benefit of the mental health community.


...if, we never post one more article or inspirational quote, if no one ever Likes our Page again, if tomorrow Facebook and Twitter cancel our accounts– the fact that Evan C. Miller got on our site, viewed Lori Bernstein's powerful "Share Your Story" video (posted on August 26, 2015), and it had the impact it did on him–makes the project a resounding success! 

Evan C. Miller, you are brave beyond words, Lori Bernstein, your story of recovery and hope are incredible and inspirational, and you both represent what Mental Health Justice truly means!