The poetry of mental illness. A project of Mental Health Justice.

A friend recommended the poem Explaining My Depression to My Mother by Sabrina Benaim. Wow! I'll leave it at that. Because anyone who has ever been depressed knows exactly what Sabrina is talking about. Powerful stuff! 

Thank you Sabrina Benaim.

We have been planning to launch a poetry of mental health project and Sabrina's poem motivated us to get the program going. If anyone has poems, written or as Spoken Word, you want to share about mental health please email them to or go to our Sharing Page and send them from there. 

Thanks everyone. Art is such a powerful way to express truth and we are looking forward to your poems and Spoken Word. 

Mental health justice. No stigma, no judgment. Everyone is welcome. 


P.S. The poems that we'll be sharing will be written by everyone from amateurs to highly established writers. This is not a poetry forum but a place for everyone to share. So, please be tolerant and non-judgmental.