This is my story. Now tell yours.


Yesterday, we launched our "Tell Your Story" campaign. We did so by posting a six-minute video detailing my personal history with mental illness. Since then, we have received dozens of questions about our campaign. I want to take some time and answer them.

  • We recommend a video between 3-5 minutes. However, that is not a hard-and-fast rule. So, please just speak from the heart and send us your story.
  • I was fortunate to have a team of communications professionals assist me with my video. But please, we are not concerned with quality. A video taken with your smart phone is fine with us. 
  • We will not post videos that are pitching products or services.
  • We are advocates, not mental health professionals, physicians or psychiatrists. Please read our disclaimer to learn more. 
  • We are getting a lot of videos sent and a lot of requests. We will post everyone's video, as long as the parameters of our disclaimer are followed. Everyone's story is important and everyone is welcome. Please be patient. 
  • Yes, we will be launching a visual arts and poetry campaign. We are excited to launch those campaign but will not be posting anyone's art or poetry until next month. So again, please be patient. 
  • Yes, it's okay to speak about your spirituality in your video. But please be respectful of others beliefs. if we believe a video is proselytizing we will not post. Remember everyone is welcome–Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jainists, Pagans, atheists etc. All we demand is everyone be respectful of others beliefs and experience and not be judgmental. 

Thank you everyone for the great response to our "Tell Your Story" campaign. I am convinced that the only way to end the stigma and stop the judgment is for all of us to tell our stories.