Dolores Sanchez is a champion for justice and basic fairness.



"At the heart of any movement, especially labor unions, is a cry for justice and equality.  This is the foundation of the labor movement and a direct connection to our own spirituality.  Dolores always made sure to stay connected to her spirituality and help the labor movement stay connected to its historic roots.  She understands that this is a movement for our hearts and souls.  How we treat others is a direct reflection of our own spirituality.  She is a warrior for justice."

Willie Pelote, Assistant Director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO.

“Advocating for the needs of working Californians requires that you truly understand the issues that workers face.  You must believe wholeheartedly that our cause is just.  But you must also have the ability to walk into the halls of the Capitol and convince our elected officials why they must take action to address these issues. The ability to marry passion with skill is rare in Sacramento. Those are characteristics I think of when I describe Dolores Sanchez’s work as a legislative advocate.” 

Harold Boyd, Manager, 1996-2003, Legislative Advocate, 1986-1996 California Teachers Association (CTA) Legislative Department, Government Relations Division

"I met Dolores on her first day as a lobbyist for the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and worked with her throughout her tenure. Representing teachers and classified school employees as a legislative advocate requires someone who can plan strategically and think quickly when an issue arises.  For many years, Dolores was tireless in her efforts to represent the members of CFT and helped them advocate on the issues that shaped the future of public education in California.  No question that California educators lives are far better because of Dolores’ service."